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Applies an accumulator function over a sequence. The specified seed value is used as the initial accumulator value, and the specified function is used to select the result value.

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Jul 26, 2020· Aggregate definition: An aggregate amount or score is made up of several smaller amounts or scores added... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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Aggregate Systems fabricates custom construction equipment specializing in the aggregate, asphalt, and ready mix industries. We are a family owned business currently in the 2nd generation, and have been producing quality products servicing both large and small …

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Aggregate conveying solutions for the concrete industry, bagging plants and frac sand plants. Standley Batch offers a full line of truss and channel frame conveyors, aggregate distributors, mixer charging skip hoists, weigh belts and advanced aggregate distributions systems.


Aggregate Processing Incorporated (API) specializes in tailor made solutions to mineral processing requirements in the mining industry, at the core we are supplying mining equipment and services whether large or small. Covering a broad spectrum of mineral processing applications to ensure that our customers receive the most technically ...

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Aggregate definition, formed by the conjunction or collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; total; combined: the aggregate amount of indebtedness. See more.

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Camelway provides a full range of crushing and screening system solutions for the quarrying, mining, and construction waste recycling industries. We help customers improve operational efficiency, increase profitability, and reduce systemic risk. Our products could fully meet the needs of primary crushing, secondary crushing, tertiary crushing and even four-stage crushing and feeding, conveying ...

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Ruckit is the best trucking management software for heavy construction where contractors, aggregate, asphalt, paving, concrete, trucking companies, and drivers can collaborate easily to optimize the transportation of construction materials with features like eticketing, paper ticket management, GPS fleet tracking, invoicing, fraud detection, trucking ticket management.

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Overall, our aggregate heating system is designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. How it Works. Ag-Flow works by blowing high temperature air through a series of diffuser ducts that are buried in the aggregate bins. The heated air is forced through the aggregate at multiple levels and eventually reach the exhaust ducts.

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Aggregate definition, formed by the conjunction or collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; total; combined: the aggregate amount of indebtedness. See more.

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Aggregate Porous Paving Delivers Infiltration & Storage Control stormwater infiltration, manage runoff and create storage with porous pavements designed for every day traffic. With highly-permeable open-graded aggregate infill, GEOPAVE pavers promote a high rate of percolation, limit runoff and perform as a natural on-site retention system.

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Construction aggregate, or simply aggregate, is a broad category of coarse- to medium-grained particulate material used in construction, including sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete and geosynthetic aggregates.Aggregates are the most mined materials in the world. Aggregates are a component of composite materials such as concrete and asphalt concrete; the aggregate serves as ...

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The original Geopier® system was developed in 1989 as an efficient and cost-effective Intermediate Foundation® solution for the support of settlement sensitive structures. The Geopier X1® system creates Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) elements using a vertical ramming process which is a combination of both replacement and displacement methods.

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Aggregate (LINQ) Enumerable.Aggregate is C# version of fold or reduce function. It is extension method from System.Linq namespace.. Aggregate method applies a function to each item of a collection. For example, let's have collection { 6, 2, 8, 3 } and the function Add (operator +) it does (((6+2)+8)+3) and returns 19.. Aggregate alternative for Sum. Implementation of Sum using Aggregate method.


Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn about the SQL Server aggregate functions and how to use them to calculate aggregates.. An aggregate function performs a calculation one or more values and returns a single value. The aggregate function is often used with the GROUP BY clause and HAVING clause of the SELECT statement.. The following table shows the SQL Server aggregate functions:

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The aggregate pier system is extremely effective to reinforce soft clays and silts or to significantly improve man-made fills. When installed with a down-hole vibratory probe, aggregate piers can also be used to improve loose, silty sands with a process called vibro-replacement.

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The system is designed to analyze the form, angularity, and texture of coarse aggregates and the angularity and form of fine aggregates. Aggregates sizes from 37.5 mm to 150 mm can be analyzed using this system. In addition, the report summarizes the statistical-based methodology used in AIMS for the analysis and classification of aggregate shape.

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aggregate: [adjective] formed by the collection of units or particles into a body, mass, or amount : collective: such as. clustered in a dense mass or head. formed from several separate ovaries of a single flower. composed of mineral crystals of one or more kinds or …

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Aug 29, 2007· Undersized aggregate could be a detriment to the system, as the small aggregate particles interrupt the waterproofing film and are too small to provide ultraviolet protection. Oversized aggregate can create voids from interstices between the plies, which can lead to entrapment of silt and potential plant growth.


Using the SQL aggregate functions in Access, you can determine various statistics on sets of values. You can use these functions in a query and aggregate expressions in the SQL property of a QueryDef object or when creating a Recordset object based on an SQL query. Avg Function. Count Function. First, Last Functions. Min, Max Functions. StDev ...

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aggregate: 1. General: Collective amount, sum, or mass arrived-at by adding or putting together all components, elements, or parts of an assemblage or group, without implying that the resulting total is whole (contains everything that should be in it).

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Asphalt/Aggregate Dispatch. Asphalt/Aggregate Dispatch helps companies forecast, organize and manage job/truck scheduling to make the most efficient use of resources and thereby improve the bottom line. The solution is purpose-built to address the specific needs of asphalt & aggregate producers.

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Define aggregate. aggregate synonyms, aggregate pronunciation, aggregate translation, English dictionary definition of aggregate. adj. 1. Constituting or amounting to a whole; total: aggregate …

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